PVC processing aids JYG-100

General processing aids

PVC processing aids JYG-100

  • Product description: PVC processing aids JYG-100
JYG-100 is general type processing aids . It can replace traditional acrylic base processing aids with balance lubrication and fusion performance , especially recommend for high filler formula such as Pvc pipe  ,  pvc  wall  panel  ,pvc  stone floor ,ceiling panel .

Product benefits
●Fast fusion property
●Good surface gloss and excellent processability
●Cost reduction

Technical specifications



Test standard





White powder or fine granule

Bulk density


GB/T 1636-2008


Sieve residue (30mesh)


GB/T 2916


Volatile content


ASTM D5668


Product application
JYG-100 is especially recommend for high filler formula such as Pvc pipe , pvc wall panel ,pvc stone floor ,ceiling panel . It can replace Acrylic base processing aids with lower cost performance.

25kg plastic woven bag or 20kg paper bag with PE liner bag.

Storage considerations:
The product can be stored under appropriate conditions for two years. But please keep products store in a dry ventilated environment (temperature should not exceed 30°C, in low humidity). Inappropriate storage environment may cause agglomeration. Especially at high temperatures & high humidity, it is recommended not to stack more than 30 days long, it may increase agglomeration phenomenon. Agglomeration does not affect the quality ,but agglomeration material is smashed before using .


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