Do you really kown Acrylic processing aid?

In market, you maybe meet too much type Acrylic processing aid, so maybe you are confused what really is acrylic processing aid.
Follows Article can help you kown Acrylic processing aid simple
Acrylic processing aids enhance the extrusion or injection molding performance of polymer compounds
Acrylic processing aid mainly functions as follows:
1.Faster fusion promotion of PVC compound,decrease melting tempreture
2.Improve melt flow ability,improving melt stength
3.Improve melt uniformity,and improv the ability of resist fracture.
4.Improve metal release with no influence on fusion
5.Improve surface gloss of PVC final products
6.Improve heat stability
Based on Different molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity,Acrylic processing divided into four kinds of products with different applications
1.Acrylic processing aid: TP401(Intrinsic viscosity (η):6.0-7.0)
2.Lubricats processing aid: TL175(Intrinsic viscosity (η):0.4-2.0)
3.Foaming Regulator agent :TF530,TF100(Intrinsic viscosity (η):6.0-7.0)
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