Plastic additives are an integral part of plastic products

Plastic additives, also known as plastic additives, are some of the compounds that must be added to improve the processing properties of polymers (synthetic resins) during molding or to improve the properties of the resin itself. such as the pvc impact modifer, processing aid, It is mainly for production performance, improving efficiency and reducing costs. In the production of plastic products, has a very important position. Today, the long series of Jiuzhi Plastics Network comes to see everyone:

1, foaming agent

The plastic blowing agent is a specific temperature that can vaporize low molecular organic compounds, such as dichlorodifluoromethane; or an organic compound that will explode a heated gas. These gases form a plurality of small bubble structures on the plastic substrate.

2. Flame retardant

The flame resistance of the plastic can be improved. Flame retardant plastics are most self-extinguishing, or the burning rate is slow. Commonly used cerium oxide, aluminum, boron compounds, halides, phosphates and tetrachlorophthalic anhydride, Australian tetraphenyl dianhydride and the like.

3, lubricants,

Lubricants are used to improve the release of the product during thermoforming of plastics, to improve surface finish and to add materials. Commonly used lubricants are: stearic acid and its salts, paraffin wax, synthetic wax and the like.

4. Reinforcing materials and fillers

A significant proportion of plastics, reinforcements and fillers are used, especially for reinforced plastics and plastic materials. The main purpose is to increase the strength and rigidity of plastics, generally adding various fiber materials or inorganic substances. The most commonly used reinforcing materials are: glass fiber, asbestos, silica, silicate, calcium carbonate, and the like.

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