Make good use of TCEP flame retardant for fire safety-PVC internal lubricant

In our daily lives, we can often hear appalling fire news. There are many reasons for fires, such as short-circuited wires and fires, ceiling fires and fires, cigarette butts not extinguished and fires, curtains on fire and fires, and fires on external wall insulation boards. Most of the time, it is because the materials used do not strictly comply with the relevant fire safety standards to achieve good flame retardancy. A small flame quickly caused a large fire. Without giving people time to escape, they were burned to death by a large amount of heat or Being suffocated by a large amount of toxic gas, causing catastrophe. Scientists have reached a conclusion by comparing the combustion of materials with and without TCEP flame retardant added:

PVC internal lubricant

        The addition of flame retardants can effectively suppress the occurrence of fires, delay the spread of fire, and increase the escape time of people in the fire by nine times. Imagine that if all materials in public places are flame-retardant in accordance with national standards, then these fires will be avoided, or the casualties can be reduced a lot, and so many tragic incidents will not happen. Because there is not a good implementation of national standards for flame retardant treatment of materials, so many fires will occur, and people will think that flame retardants are dispensable. As a flame retardant major, I am concerned about this fact I feel very distressed, and at the same time I am more determined to do flame retardant business.

       Flame-retardant materials in various fields are used to provide people with safe materials. At the same time, what should be done is that every citizen has a correct view of flame-retardant. Flame retardant does not completely prevent burning, it is completely safe without adding flame retardant. It delays the spread of fire, delays the time of flashover, and gains time for saving lives and properties; although it is often still Hearing the news of the fire, this does not mean that flame retardants do not exist. You must know that because of the presence of flame retardants, the number of fires has been greatly reduced, and the number of casualties has decreased. The United States has started in the 1970s. Strictly carry out TV sets. This measure proves that the presence of flame retardants has reduced the number of fires caused by TV set fires by half. Flame retardants are essential; when flame retardants are added, the burning of materials will produce smoke, but these Smoke is not enough to affect human health.

       Flame retardant is an effective fire protection layer, which can prevent or slow down the spread of fire, but more importantly, each of us should have a strong awareness of safety and fire protection, and consciously eliminate fire hazards, such as extinguishing cigarette butts. Keep combustibles away from fire sources, open flames away from liquefied gas pipelines, etc. As long as every citizen is conscious of fire prevention, every producer should unswervingly implement fire safety standards and make every product meet fire prevention requirements , Then our country will be much safer, and there will not be so many tragedies!


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