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Novista's Topadd® acrylic processing aid TP-20

Novista's Topadd® Acrylic processing aid can be used in the production of bottles, in film/sheet applications and in the construction industry.

In addition to faster fusion, Topadd® acrylic processing aids offer many attractive rheological features and improve the quality and finish of the product. These benefits have been evident from the results of the tests from customers.

By dramatically shortening the fusion time, Topadd® acrylic processing aid TP-20 can replace PARALOID™ K120N-K120ND Acrylic Processing Aid and can increase production output and improve yield.

Improved fusion also permits a broader range of processing temperatures and conditions. Other processing benefits include improved melt-elasticity and reduction of plate-out and melt fracture.

Topadd® acrylic processing aids improve product quality in terms of surface gloss and finish, more even thickness and weight, weld-line strength, tensile strength and impact efficiency.

Topadd® PVC processing aids are generally chosen by manufacturers requiring excellent dispersibility and good optical properties, under low-shear processing conditions.

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