Analysis of action mechanism of ACR processing AIDS

ACR processing AIDS have three main modes of action, which are respectively promoting resin melting, rheological modification of melt and giving lubrication function.
1, promote resin melting: When PVC resin under shear force when heated, ACR processing aid first will melt and adhesion in PVC resin particle surface, because the ACR processing aid and resin has high compatibility and high molecular weight, increase PVC viscosity and friction force, shear force and heat transfer effectively to the PVC resin, acceleration of polyvinyl chloride molten.
2. Rheological modification of melt: PVC melt has disadvantages such as poor strength, poor ductility and melt rupture, while ACR processing AIDS can improve the above problems of melt. The mechanism of action is to increase the viscoelasticity of polyvinyl chloride melt, improve the mold expansion and improve the melt strength
3, give lubrication function: PVC processing additives and PVC compatible part of the first melting to promote the melting effect; The incompatible parts of PVC migrate out of the molten resin system to improve the demoulding.
Quality index of ACR processing AIDS: Item ACR-401
Screening (sieve hole 0.45mm) 99% pass
Characteristic viscosity (H) 2.0 ~ 4.0
Volatile, % ≦ 3.0
Specific gravity 1.05 ~ 1.25
Main uses of ACR: mainly used in PVC soft and hard products. Such as: pipe, pipe fittings, plate, profile, sheet, film and foaming table products, suitable for all PVC processing technology. 
Recommended dosage: 1-3 parts / 100 parts PVC


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