PVC processing aids - Acylic processing aids TP-20 from Novista

TP-20 is a processing aid based on a low molecular weight acrylic polymer resin.
TP-20 can be used in PVC formulations to improve the processability and the surface
quality. TP-20 is White free-flowing powder, bulk density:0.40-0.55g/cm3, can not be
dissolved in water, ethanol, can be dissolved in chloroform and methyl ethyl ketone.
It is recommended to use in Transparent PVC product especially.

--Accelerate fusion rate, increase productivity and decrease processing temperature.
--Better dispersion of additives into PVC, more homogenous melt of PVC, etc.
--Excellent clarity and surface quality for end-use products, superior fusion
promotion for rigid and soft PVC.
--Increased output rates and improved production efficiency.
--TP-20 is widely used in the processing of many rigid and flexible PVC products made
by blow molding, calendering, extrusion and injection molding. Key applications
include: PVC Sheets, film, bottles, and transparent pvc products.


TP-20: K-120/120ND PA-20 3F PA-910

Package and Storage:
TP-20 Packed in 25kg woven bag or 500kg bulk bag.
10mt with pallet or 12mt without pallet in 20’ container
20mt with pallet or 24mt without pallet in 40’ container


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